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Comparing the market has never been this easy. Quote 11 insurers and a huge range of policy options, add-ons, and premium structures - all in a matter of moments.
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Find better insurance fast

Financial Advisers Only! Life insurance, trauma, TPD, income protection, and health quotes, policy documents, news and brochures. Get them here. Fast, accurate, and free. Independent product research is available on subscription. Quotemonster is used by more than 2000 advisers and industry professionals.

Quote the market

Quote 10 insurers and a huge range of policy options, add-ons and premiums structures. Quoting has never been so easy!

Using independent research

With Quality Product Research you can view policy ratings based on your client's individual situation. It's an improved approach to insurance analysis.

  • 28 Sep 2016

    Quotemonster and QPR Services

    Quotemonster already helps more than 3,700 advisers to do price comparisons on the most popular insurance products in the market - completely free. Out of them more than 1,300 advisers have also discovered the power of insurance product research to help them identify the meaningful differences in product, personalised to each individual client based on their age, gender, occupation, and product selection choices. But just a couple of hundred advisers are “power users” sucking every possible advantage out of the system. These are the extra services that they use to build the best insurance report possible. Quote the marketWe provide premiums for 10 companies.           ResearchWe research 28 companies and over 70 products  Head to head – a more detailed comparison of just two products ‘head-to-head’ showing the differences between them to help your client make an informed choice. Underwriting requirements – based on your client’s choice of products and sums insured we do the hard work of picking through the non-medical requirements and produce a report which shows exactly what paperwork, tests, and exams are required. A huge time-saver. Really useful for clients scared of needles. Eliminates ‘you didn’t tell me that’ objections. Statistics that help you sell: everyone can add a personalised client risks report which tells your clients their working life risk of death, total disability, temporary disability, and trauma. Recommended product premium choices: if you have chosen a specific company to recommend but you don’t know whether the client would prefer a wait period of 4, 8, 13, or 26 weeks, or perhaps an excess amount on their medical of nil, $250, $500, $1,000, or more? This makes it easy: it includes a table of all the different premiums for each option at the end of your price comparison report. Saves lots of re-quoting. Needs analysis – enables you to develop a scope of service, set objectives, record what advice your client wants, capture basic financial information, and calculate an ideal cover package – in minutes, not hours, and adds all that data to the comparison report. Automatically sends the values to the quote saving more time. Historical policy documents are searchable by date, company name, and type.  

  • 28 Sep 2016

    When Should You Talk With a Financial Adviser?

    You should talk with a financial adviser if you are 'stuck' on a money issue, that's a good place to start. Most financial advisers deal with clients who are already wealthy, but a few do excellent plans to help people with high incomes, but who are in a mess - or stuck - somehow. If you are on a low income and you are struggling the best place to start is with a budget adviser, you can find one by searching online for a member of the New Zealand Federation of Budget Advisers, or visiting a citizens advice bureau.  You have some big goals and you think its worth planning.  It is always worth planning. Anything that takes more effort than checking if you have enough cash in your wallet right now probably deserves a plan. If you are saving for a house, planning on starting your own business, looking at retirement, that big goal up ahead whatever it is, is worth planning for. You will not know how useful the plan is until you sit down and write it. You can get a book and read some self-help stuff online, but a real human asking you hard questions and holding you accountable for a proper answer, that can create real change in your life - and that's what you want really isn't it?  Things just changed in a big way Sometimes you aren't looking forward to a change, change just barged into your life: someone died, you get married, a child comes into your life earlier than you thought. What do we do now? You can get some advice. Getting good financial advice can help take the breathless panic out of a sudden change, or just expand your range of options if you are locked into thinking about something just one way. Getting someone to think creatively about your situation can help you a great deal.  You unexpectedly receive a large sum of money An inheritance, a bigger bonus than you thought, a tax refund. A very large sum is one year's salary or more. These can be life-changing: accelerating you towards your goals. But they can so easily be wasted. A few month's salary applied to your home loan could tip the balance enough to help you get debt free years earlier than planned. Or be frittered away on a slightly newer car. Of course, if you need the car more than anything else, fine, but maybe take advice?  You need to think about what happens when you are gone When our favourite wizard knew he was about to die it was a great relief Albus Dumbledore turned up - even if that incarnation was only in Harry's mind. A plan for when you die - a will, documents organised, an executor, a list of wishes, and so on: these can provide that wise counsel to your loved ones at just the right time. 

  • 27 Sep 2016

    ANZIIF Insurance Industry Awards Finalists Announced

    ANZIFF have announced the finalists for 2016 New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards in a media release yesterday. The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) is pleased to announce the finalists of the 2016 New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards. The Awards, which are now in their fifth year, recognise excellence and achievement by the top performing individuals and businesses in the industry. "The New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards are an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate what is great about New Zealand insurance: the sense of community, the commitment to excellence and the many successes that has enabled it to become a true global leader. This year's Awards recognise the highest achievers in the industry, but they also work to celebrate and highlight the contribution that those in insurance make to the community." said Prue Willsford, CEO, ANZIIF. You can view the finalists at this link and also register for the event which is being held on Thursday the 10th of November 2016 at the Sky City Convention Centre.

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